Select a Plan that suits you

Select a plan that suits you. If you have signed up with 20 distributors but only use data from 4, then sign up for 4 distributors. Be prudent.

Our plans are very straightforward:

a) One titme On-Boarding Fee. Per distributor. In this process we do data normalization and mapping.
b) Monthly subscription - recurring
c) Recurring Fee - by # of distributors.

On-Boarding Fee: $250 per distributor

Monthly Recurring Charges: $100 per distributor

Why MFI?

Because the lower your cost, the more competitive your prices. Translates to greater sales and greater profits.

Price Markups

Markup prices at cost + % or cost + $ or both. You can markup prices differently for different distributors. You have total control over your selling price.

Shipping Markups

All products don't ship equally. You can apply shipping markups in addition to price markups to come up with a selling price that takes all costs into account.

Block Products

If you don't want to sell a product or a product category, you can simply block it and it won't get downloaded to your database.

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