The What and The Why of MultiFeedInventory.com

With every passing day, technology is making the world of business more competitive. It presents more opportunities - you can be local and global at the same time. At the same time, you have more competition from local and global companies. To stay ahead of competition, you must use technology to your advantage. That is what MFI provides you - a tool that helps you lower your purchasing costs. That lower cost translates to greater profitability as well as better selling prices than your competitors.

The Why

Our tools originate from our ecommerce unit. We need tools to either solve a problem, create efficiency or get a leg up on competition. MFI is a good example of such a tool. Customers are always ...

Data Normalization

When you import data feeds from multiple distributors, that does not mean they all list products the same. Here is an example: The manufacturer Tripp Lite has been listed as Tripp-Lite, Trip Lite and ...

Minimum Qty

If you are selling on multiple marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Walmart etc., you know how important it is to protect your rating. Order cancellations is something to avoid at all costs. But ...


If you are not authorized to sell a certain brand, you can simply block it here and save yourself from getting legal notices from manufacturers who want to restrict resellers. Similarly, if you do ...


What if the distributor is sending you incomplete or inaccurate shipping weight and dimensions? Let's say the product is listed as 1lb in weight and no dimensions are available in the data feed. Your ...


MFI allows you to markup your cost by percentage, say 25% above cost. But it also allows you to markup by a fixed $ amount. It also allows you to do both at the same time. Why is that important? ...

Why MFI?

Because the lower your cost, the more competitive your prices. Translates to greater sales and greater profits.

Price Markups

Markup prices at cost + % or cost + $ or both. You can markup prices differently for different distributors. You have total control over your selling price.

Shipping Markups

All products don't ship equally. You can apply shipping markups in addition to price markups to come up with a selling price that takes all costs into account.

Block Products

If you don't want to sell a product or a product category, you can simply block it and it won't get downloaded to your database.

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